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Thank you for showing interest in our charity’s events. Prior to sending in your application, please thoroughly read the following terms, rules and regulations. It is imperative you understand the following contracted regulations prior to application.

1. Communication between artists and event coordinator is the key to our success. Failure to communicate (return emails, calls, texts etc.) will result in forfeiture of your booth space.

2. This is a charity first and foremost. We are a non-for profit 501c3. This means all funds raised are donated to our beneficiaries as well as used to host these. events. That being said, all payments are NON REFUNDABLE. No exception. Artist booth fee is $300.00.

3. All fees must be paid in full. After the submission of your application, an invoice will be sent via email to collect payment.

4. Artists must agree to state and local ordinances.

5. Artists are responsible for any floor, wall or other damage during the event and will cover all cost to the venue for repairs. Please be mindful of the plastic we lay for any tattooing, have patrons placed appropriately.

6. No items shall be taped, tacked or nailed into the venue walls. If you wish to hang a banner or display something it must be done by using a stand (ex pipe and drape, wooden or other material).

7. We are a no drama event. All parties involved in any unnecessary drama will be subject to immediate dismissal and barred from any further participation in future Bark, Brew & Tattoo events. NO EXCEPTIONS!

8. Any person who appears too intoxicated will be subject to dismissal from the event immediately. Artists WILL NOT tattoo or pierce any intoxicated patrons.

9. Absolutely no drugs are to be used or brought onto the premises of the venues. Use of drugs during the event will lead to immediate dismissal and barred from all future Bark, Brew & Tattoo events. NO EXCEPTIONS!

10. Artists will not drink while tattooing or piercing.

11. All artists will receive two event passes for events that require ticket entry. Any persons additionally must purchase an event ticket.

12. Artists must wear their identification passes at all times.

13. Artists will abide by the venue rules and regulations instilled by the venue.

14. All artists must be set up a half hour prior to events opening to patrons for booth inspection and safety announcements.

15. All artists must be broken down and packed up within 45 minutes after the event has ended.

16. Bark, Brew & Tattoo and any venue is not held responsible for any lost or stolen goods or money. We highly suggest using a lock box for cash and a square for card payments.

17. All artists will set up in their designated spots, there will be no trading or moving the day of the event. We design the layout strategically and so we know where everyone is at all times in the event of any emergency. Please do not set up freely.

18. Artists will not impose on their neighbors booth space. Do not set up signs over hanging on you neighbors space. Be respectful.

19. Bark, Brew & Tattoo reserves all rights to approve and reject any artist we feel necessary.

20. Artists will identify patrons to make sure they are of legal age for piercings or tattoos. No persons under legal limit is to be pierced or tattooed. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

21. Patrons are to fill out proper forms with the artist they are working with. Bark, Brew& Tattoo nor the venue will be held liable for any miscommunication between the artist and patron.


22. Artists are responsible for their own sharps container.


23. Artists are to use single use needles for piercing and tattooing.


24. Artists are to abide by all health code regulations in place by the state of New York and county the event is held in, put forth for tattoo and piercing artists.


Tattoo Artist Application

Thank you for submitting an Artist application. We will be in touch with you soon.

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